Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sight Seeing

Today I went to Washington D.C, again.
I went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial and I read the entire Gettysburg address the Lincoln Memorial statue thingamabob was huge.
Yesterday, when I went to the Inauguration it felt so exciting to be around all the people.
It is all so different from home all the buildings are tall, it is cold, all the trees are bare, and did I mention it was cold!!!
There were so many happy people it made me feel happy and then (Ahem) the pretzel boys but over all I did feel more energized.
I also got people souvenirs, you know simple stuff: T-shirts, Magnets, Key chains,coffee mugs, posters etc.
One of my hopes for the distant future is to become the first African -American Woman president.


  1. Hey kiddo, here's a message from Amina and Chloe:

    "Chloe and I are very excited for you. My little sister moved to DC last fall to become a school teacher so we are going to visit her this summer. Perhaps you could give us some suggestions of where we should go??? We will see you when you get back.
    -Amina and Chloe"

  2. Hey Tea,
    We are having so much fun reading your posts, keep it up. The kids are thinking of you and we all look forward to seeing you in person next week so that we can hear all the juicy details!

    Thank you for making a great effort in giving us the personal scoop!

    Mrs. Streano