Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sight Seeing

Today I went to Washington D.C, again.
I went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial and I read the entire Gettysburg address the Lincoln Memorial statue thingamabob was huge.
Yesterday, when I went to the Inauguration it felt so exciting to be around all the people.
It is all so different from home all the buildings are tall, it is cold, all the trees are bare, and did I mention it was cold!!!
There were so many happy people it made me feel happy and then (Ahem) the pretzel boys but over all I did feel more energized.
I also got people souvenirs, you know simple stuff: T-shirts, Magnets, Key chains,coffee mugs, posters etc.
One of my hopes for the distant future is to become the first African -American Woman president.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

I can't believe how awesome this is!!!!!!!!!!
I got to go to a historic event :).
I thought I was in the back but then I turned around and saw 2 whole miles of people!!
But before that I had to ride on public Transit again.
first we had to ride the light rail to B.W.I(Baltimore Washington International)then a metro bus to the greenbelt station and took the metro to another station and this is what happened:
So we are getting on a train and then we hear "there will be some delays on the red line due to a person being struck by a train we are trying to work out this situation as soon as possible we are sorry for the inconvenience" Seriously somebody got hit by a train you're not going to tell us if they got hurt badly or if they were killed or even who they are (or were) yeah sure an inconvenience to the person who got hit by the train.
But at the Inauguration, Aretha Franklin came out and sang "sweet land of liberty"I was amazed she is a great singer (If you don't know who Aretha Franklin is you are Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!) They had George Bush and Dick Cheney come out and every just started booing and booing. Then they swore in Obama and Biden.
Then we went back to the hotel and ate dinner I had the steak at Shula's 2.
But at the inauguration was awesome I could actually see Obama and I could see some extent
Malia and Sasha Obama.
But while waiting to get in to the inauguration there were the craziest 2 boys in the world.
they ordered a pretzel seriously who orders pretzels while waiting in line to go to a historic event ,cuckoo catoo. Then out came Mariah Carey everyone got really excited and started screaming and screaming.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore

Today I went to Washington D.C,
I Got to stand in line for 2 whole hours.
Yay Me.
I also got to meet the congress women of Washington, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
We rode the public transit which kind of reminded me of life back home.
While we were there I saw the capitol building.
We had to wait in line with (dramatic pause) Happy People (Da Da Da).
But the wait was worth it or at least I should be.
I can't believe I'm going to a historic event that will change the world forever.
This is awesome.
tomorrows the day,
can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Testing Testing 1,2,3

Hello awesome people,
This is my blog,
I am so excited to go to the inauguration.

(Photo courtesy of Joshua Wanyama.)