Saturday, March 28, 2009


i saw wicked it was awesome its a story about a girl born with green skin taken under the wing of the most popular girl in Shiz university then enter Fiyero he is a guy who dances through life as soon as the popular girl Galinda sees him she mentally states he's mine and there's nothing you can do about it once the green girl,Elphaba gets to know him she discovers that she to is fond of him not going to ruin it for those unprivileged enough not to see this glorious musical but i will say that there is a dragon that flaps its wings and i know its not real but freaks me out

the coolest celeb is.....

Mary-Kate Olsen. she and her sister have come out with the book "influence" it is a book about people who influence them.
the olsen twins were also very popular for little girls.
everyone should like the olsens they are very likable

Spring break

so it's Saturday spring break coming to end but i don't want it to end i want it to last forever and ever and ever so i do not have to go back to school i like my teacher i just don't like school it would be awesome if my teacher just let us sit around and play clue all day long but unfortunately the school system does not agree with me i don't no why, clue teaches probability  and several other skills why its practically learning. But, whatever its the school boards problem when the students revolt and hang them by their thumbs I'm not gonna stop them.


I have been really busy and forgot to blog lately but I'm back I will be blogging a lot because I have so much to blog it's almost sickening