Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore

Today I went to Washington D.C,
I Got to stand in line for 2 whole hours.
Yay Me.
I also got to meet the congress women of Washington, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
We rode the public transit which kind of reminded me of life back home.
While we were there I saw the capitol building.
We had to wait in line with (dramatic pause) Happy People (Da Da Da).
But the wait was worth it or at least I should be.
I can't believe I'm going to a historic event that will change the world forever.
This is awesome.
tomorrows the day,
can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How excited are you to be in Baltimore! Did you wake up singing "Good morning Baltimore!!"?

  2. Tea,
    I am so happy for you, we watched the Inauguration for about two hours today (that's all they could handle). Everyone knew that you were there and we were all watching for you. The students really enjoyed seeing the huge crowd and knowing you were there is a great honor for our class. I hope you stayed warm!!! Keep us updated and have a great evening!
    Mrs. Streano